Virtual Robotics Esports World Cup Football Game and Course

What is it?

Cogmation Robotics and Robot Virtual Games have developed an exciting, real physics simulation capability that enables kids (aged 10-19), teachers and Esports enthusiasts to play and learn many interesting games and challenges, on their own, in school, or against other players and teams around the world. We have created something fun and innovative for the kids around the world to play with while learning. This year, we are presenting to you, the Virtual Robotics Football course. This course is a self paced course followed by a Football Shootout competition. The user will be taught to program their autonomous robot using different sensors and motors to teach them skills to compete in a variety of fun mini challenges and finally in the main Football game.


Course summary:

We will provide a self paced course for kids aged 10 to 19 years of age with no prior experience of coding. Students will get started with basic concepts of coding and finally compete in the Football Shoot-out competition. There will be a total of 5 modules of total 20 Hours duration that students will have to go through to learn how to code an autonomous robot to play football shoot out challenge. After each module, there will be a mini skills game challenge leading up to the main Football Shoutout competition. The students can get started at their own pace and our instructors will offer a check in class once a week to answer any questions.

Competition Details:

The premise of the Football Shoot-out Competition is to shoot as many goals as possible in a certain time limit without getting caught by the Goalie. The user with the most goals will win the game.

What’s Included?

  • 20 hours course consisting of five modules to teach basics of coding a robot, navigating the robot using sensors and finally compete in the football competition. After each module there will be a mini competition leading up to the final game.
  • Access to Steam Virtual LMS where the course and variety of quizzes will be.
  • Access to Robot Virtual Games competition platform with a wide variety of complimentary competitions.
  • Participation in a mini skills competition after completing each programming module.
  • Participation in a Football Shoot-Out competition.
  • Onboarding webinar with our experienced robotics instructor( with many years of experience in leading kids to International robotics competitions) to get everyone started with the course.
  • Weekly check-ins to answer any questions regarding the course.

How to sign up?

If you want your students to learn how to code while having fun, don't wait and contact George DeBakey at [email protected]. Alternatively, fill out this form to provide us all your details to get started.

COST PER CHILD:USD $100/student

Duration of the course: 20 Hours(or less depending on prior coding experience)

Benefits to your school

Bring a full-featured robotics program to your school for a fraction of the cost of a physical-only program.

A wealth of lesson plans, curricula, challenges and competitions available for playing and learning.

Membership in a worldwide community to share ideas, games and forums for kids to learn and grow

What we are bringing to your students

Digital skills prized
in the 21st-century workplace

CAD capabilities-digital
twinning with the physical world

computational thinking and reasoning

Teamwork and communication skills
in small groups and worldwide

AI-learn the building blocks for building
Artificial Intelligence applications

Understanding robotics- sensors,
motors-what can be done!

Coding- How to bring the digital world to life


Diamond Sponsor

COST: USD 100,000 $

Children Sponsored: 1,000

Sponsor Benefits

Platinum Sponsor

COST: USD 50,000 $

Children Sponsored: 500

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Children Sponsored: 250

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COST: USD 10,000 $

Children Sponsored: 100

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Bronze Sponsor

COST: USD 5,000 $

Children Sponsored: 50

Sponsor Benefits

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Platinum Sponsor $50,000 2 $100,000
Gold Sponsor $25,000 4 $100,000
Silver Sponsor $10,000 10 $100,000
Bronze Sponsor $5,000 20 $100,000
Sponsor Benefits Bronze $100,000 Silver $100,000 Gold $100,000 Platinum $100,000 Diamond $100,000 Title Sponsor TBD
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