Cogmation Robotics and Robot Virtual Games have developed an exciting, real physics simulation capability that enables kids aged 10-19, teachers, Esports enthusiasts to play and learn many interesting games and challenges, on their own, in school, or against other players and teams around the world. We will be holding a worldwide virtual robotics football tournament in 2022 to honor the real World Cup this year.

"This is an annual event, each year your teams will face new challenges"



To teach children the 21st Century skills through coding, with an exciting virtual robotics soccer World Cup.
Your participation will help bring this exciting learning tool to many more kids including those who could not otherwise afford it.


Children will learn to code, by participating in a STEM Coding Virtual Camp while having fun competing in a virtual robotic football tournament.



Benefits to your school

Bring a full-featured robotics program to your school for a fraction of the cost of a physical-only program

A wealth of lesson plans, curricula, challenges and competitions available for playing and learning

Membership in a worldwide community to share ideas, games and forums for kids to learn and grow

What we are bringing to your students

Digital skills prized
in the 21st-century workplace

CAD capabilities-digital
twinning with the physical world

computational thinking and reasoning

Teamwork and communication skills
in small groups and worldwide

AI-learn the building blocks for building
Artificial Intelligence applications

Understanding robotics- sensors,
motors-what can be done!

Coding- How to bring the digital world to life


Diamond Sponsor

COST: USD 100,000 $

Children Sponsored: 1,000

Sponsor Benefits

Platinum Sponsor

COST: USD 50,000 $

Children Sponsored: 500

Sponsor Benefits

Gold Sponsor

COST: USD 25,000 $

Children Sponsored: 250

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Silver Sponsor

COST: USD 10,000 $

Children Sponsored: 100

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Bronze Sponsor

COST: USD 5,000 $

Children Sponsored: 50

Sponsor Benefits

Sponsor Packages Value of Sponsor Quantity Total
Title Sponsor TBD 1 TBD
Diamond Sponsor $100,000 1 $100,000
Platinum Sponsor $50,000 2 $100,000
Gold Sponsor $25,000 4 $100,000
Silver Sponsor $10,000 10 $100,000
Bronze Sponsor $5,000 20 $100,000
Sponsor Benefits Bronze $100,000 Silver $100,000 Gold $100,000 Platinum $100,000 Diamond $100,000 Title Sponsor TBD
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