This robotics competition portal has been designed, developed, and inspired for you, so that throughout the world you can compete and share with a community of Robot Virtual Games players, learning to code while having fun with adrenaline and many victories and defeats. Now, pay attention to the following game instructions so that you can have the best experience and become a leader of Robot Virtual Games.

Choose your Avatar

We have more than 400 different avatars to choose from, so take your time and find the one you like best. But be careful, once you have chosen it, you can only change your Avatar through the points awarded thorough competitions.
  • aging-adolescent-asian-female
  • aging-adolescent-asian-male
  • aging-adolescent-black-female
  • aging-adolescent-black-male
  • aging-adolescent-white-female
  • aging-adolescent-white-male
  • aging-adult-asian-female
  • aging-adult-asian-male
  • aging-adult-black-female
  • aging-adult-black-male
  • aging-adult-white-female
  • aging-adult-white-male
  • aging-child-asian-female
  • aging-child-asian-male
  • aging-child-black-female
  • aging-child-black-male
  • aging-child-white-female
  • aging-child-white-male
  • aging-elderly-asian-female
  • aging-elderly-asian-male
  • aging-elderly-black-female
  • aging-elderly-black-male
  • aging-elderly-white-female
  • aging-elderly-white-male
  • aging-middle-age-asian-female
  • aging-middle-age-asian-male
  • aging-middle-age-black-female
  • aging-middle-age-black-male
  • aging-middle-age-white-female
  • aging-middle-age-white-male
  • aging-teenager-asian-female
  • aging-teenager-asian-male
  • aging-teenager-black-female
  • aging-teenager-black-male
  • aging-teenager-white-female
  • aging-teenager-white-male

How to Play

You can participate in competitions inspired by the best Oficial Games in the world, either by being invited by a National or Local Organizer or by registering directly in competitions open to the general public.

Once Registered

Once you are already registered in a competition, the next step will be to access the competition directly in your VRTK software in the competitions section. You can register for one or more competitions and participate, but you can only compete with one team in one competition at a time. Of course, you can integrate several different teams and participate with different teams and friends.

Program your Robot

Look at the rules and challenges of the mat of your competition, and program your robot over and over again, until you achieve the maximum points, remember that you will have a date and time for the competition and a time and date for closing. Once you've got your best score, approve the automatic submission option to Robot Virtual Games and compete against other heroes and villains registered with their teams.

How to advance

You can send your results as many times as you want to Robot Virtual Games, however every time you do so you will be using your tokens, so we recommend that you use them strategically. All games work in an all-against-all system, the highest scores advance to 1/8s of final, where you can see your progress in the competition brackets.

How to win

To win you have to stay in the first places of each round, and when you reach the 1/8 final always get the highest score. Remember that you can improve your programming over and over again, so if someone scores better than you, you always have the opportunity to upload a better program and a better result.


Each National or Local Organizer establishes its own prizes for the players. They can be tokens, cash, or in-kind, but there will always be prizes for participating.

About the Tokens

You can buy your tokens in the Marketplace, to be able to play as much as you want. You can also receive tokens from Organizers when they manage free tokens sponsored by support organizations.

About the Shields

In Robot Virtual Games, the more you play in competitions, the more points your team will accumulate, and therefore you will advance in your Team profile ranking, which will be identified by the kind of your Coat-of-arms.

  • For teams with less than 25 competitions, you will be able to choose a Wooden Shield. Your ranking level will be Beginner.
  • For teams with more than 25 but less than 50 competitions experience, you will be able to choose a Metallic Shield. Your ranking level will be Experienced.
  • For teams with more than 50 but less than 100 competitions, you will be able to choose a Golden Shield. Your ranking level will be Professional.
  • For teams with more than 100 but less than 200 competitions, you will be able to choose an Emerald Shield. Your ranking level will be Expert.
  • For teams with over 200 competitions, you will be able to choose a Legendary Shield. Your ranking level will be God Warrior.