FLL 2019 Challenge

Virtual Robotics Toolkit | FLL 2019 Challenge

Using the Virtual Robotics Toolkit, shape a growing city with a variety of buildings and structures. In each mission, score points by finding solutions to realistic problems or by building new units on the playing mat. Points for new units are based on their height and location. Each official match lasts 2.5 minutes. Be strategic about which missions you choose to attempt, there might not be enough time to do them all! If your entire robot and all of its equipment fit in the ‘Small Inspection Area’, you gain an advantage of 5 points (mission 2 has an advantage of 10 points), which is added to each and every mission (except mission 14) where you score any amount of points.

Mission Summary

  • Elevated places (score all that apply)
  • Crane (score all that apply)
  • Inspection drone
  • Design for wildlife
  • Treehouse (score all that apply)
  • Traffic Jam
  • Swing
  • Elevator (score one or the other)
  • Safety Factor
  • Steel construction
  • Innovative architecture (score one or the other)
  • Design & build
  • Sustainability upgrades (only one counts per stack)
  • Precision (only one score counts)

You can use the robot that is present in each respective challenge. Each students’ robot will start at the same position. To successfully complete each mission, you will need to write your own code, which will be used to program your robot. Upon completion of the challenge, or when you have run out of time (whichever is first), you will be prompted to submit your score. Select Yes or No. If you choose Yes, your score will be submitted on the leaderboard.


Mission 1
  • Robot supported by bridge: 20 points
  • One or more flags raised by the robot: 15 points per flag

You can only get flag points if you get bridge points. When clearly only one robot is holding a flag raised, only that robot scores for that flag. Rule 31 allowance: It is okay and expected for Robots to collide while trying to earn Flag points.

Mission 2

If the Hooked Blue Unit is…

  • Lowered any distance from the Guide Hole: 20 points
  • Independent and supported by another Blue Unit: 15 points
  • Level 1 is completely in the circle: 15 points
Mission 3
  • Inspection Drone supported by axle (A) on the Bridge: 10 points
Mission 4
  • Bat supported by branch (B) on the tree: 10 points
Mission 5
  • Unit is independent and supported by the tree’s large branches: 10 points
  • Unit is independent and supported by the tree’s small branches: 15 points
Mission 6
  • The Traffic Jam is lifted, its moving part is Independent, and it is Supported by its own hinges as shown: 10 points
Mission 7
  • Swing is released: 20 points
Mission 8

The Elevator’s moving parts are Independent, and Supported only by its hinges as shown, in the following position.

  • Blue car down: 15 points
  • Balanced: 20 points
Mission 9

The Test Building is independent and supported only by the blue beams, and some beams have been knocked out at least half way: 10 points per beam

Mission 10

The Steel Structure is standing, and is Independent, and Supported only by its hinges as shown: 20 points

Mission 11

A team-designed structure is clearly bigger than a Blue Building Unit, built only from your white LEGO bricks:

  • Completely in the circle: 15 points
  • Partly in the circle: 10 points

Design and build your own Structure before you compete, then bring that to each Match. You don’t build it during the Match. Your mission 11 Structure needs to be built from Bag 10 elements only. It can include the red and gray elements. Not all of the Bag 10 elements need to be used.

Mission 12
  • There are Circles with at least one color-matching Unit Completely In, and Flat Down on the Mat: 10 points per circle
  • There are Independent Stacks at least partly in any Circles, add all of their heights together: 5 points per level

A stack is one or more building units with Level 1 touching flat down on the mat, and any higher levels touching flat down on the level below

Mission 13
  • An upgrade (solar panels, roof garden, insulation) is independent, and supported only by a stack which is at least partly in any circle: 10 points per upgrade
Mission 14

The number of precision tokens left on the field is…

  • 6: 60 points
  • 5: 45 points
  • 4: 30 points
  • 3: 20 points
  • 2: 10 points
  • 1: 5 points