This robotics competition portal has been designed, developed, and inspired for students, coaches, and Organizers so that throughout the world you can create your own events, share them with the community of Robot Virtual Games players, teams and coaches, who will be learning to code while having fun with adrenaline and many victories and defeats, through your legendary competitions.

Now, pay attention to the following portal instructions so you can create your own competitions.

Who is eligible to become an Organizer

First of all is important to clarify that RVG is not an approved organization by the WRO, FLL, Robocup Jr, or any other International Worldwide Organizations. Therefore any event that runs and is organized in RVG is not officially sanctioned or part of any official qualification program.

For RVG, there are three types of Organizers:

  • National Official Organizers
  • Local Official Organizers
  • Local Unofficial Organizers

National Official Organizers, needs to show to Robot Virtual Games, documentation that validates their organization at a National Level with approval from WRO, FLL, Robocup Junior, or any other International Worldwide Organization.

National Official Organizers are able to carry on Official National or International Competitions. To apply as Official National Organizer, please fill this form.

Local Official Organizers, are organizations that do not have the National level authorization from an International Worldwide Organization but do have authorization at a local level (province, district, or any other geographic division), so they can carry on Local approved events for the WRO, FLL, Robocup Junior, etc.

Local Official Organizers are able to carry on Official Local Competitions. To apply as an Official Local Organizer, please fill this form.

Local Non-Official Organizers are organizations that do not have any type of approval to run competitions from International Worldwide Organizations. However these organizations can carry on local, national, and international events, using non-official mats and rules created by them or purchased at the market place. To apply as a Non-Official Local Organizer, please fill this form.

All types of organizations (National, Local or Unofficial Local) can create and run an international, national or local unofficial competition using rules and mats not officially recognized either created by them or acquire at the market place at any time.

Choose your Avatar

We have more than 400 different avatars to choose from, so take your time and find the one you like best. But be careful, once you have chosen it, you can only change your Avatar through the use of your tokens.

How to Create a Competition

Once you are registered as a National or Local Organizer, you have to go to your New Competition Form and fill all the spaces. Please be aware that is important for you to have ready to upload the following files:

  • A Youtube or Vimeo link to your competition promotional video.
  • An artistic image to (flyer or poster type) to describe your competition.
  • The mat that you are going to use for the competition.
  • The Rules that you have prepared for your competition.
  • The list of players, coaches, or teams you want to invite in case it will be by invitation only.
  • The logos, description, and social media accounts of your sponsors.

With all these files, and with a clear flow of your competition you can create your event and publish it.


Each National or Local Organizer establishes its own prizes for the players. They can be tokens, cash, or in-kind, but there will always be prizes for participating.

Once Teams are registered in your competition

Once your competition teams are already registered in a competition, the next step for them will be to access the competition directly in their VRTK software in the competitions section. You can create as many competitions as you want. But be careful not to spoil your reputation with empty competitions. Start with by invite-only events and once you have a reputation, you can proceed with open to the public competitions.

About the Tokens

Either players or teams, every time they upload their points and results, they will need to use tokens. They can buy their tokens in the Marketplace, to be able to play as much as they want. But you can also sponsor the tokens to your participants and give it to them for free.

About the Sponsors

Robot Virtual Games allows Organizers to upload as many sponsors as they want. There is not an extra cost for doing that, and all the revenue made from sponsors will go directly to the Organizers. RVG may in the future, in order to become sustainable, use advertising campaigns inside the competitions or even charge a minimum fee for a banner or page of the sponsors.